Honda Insight
I saved gasoline receipts for 3.5 years and compiled them in a spreadsheet. There were a few interesting results.
This handheld "digital data player" plays MP3s, mpeg-1 movies, and displays jpgs. It doesn't quite fit in the palm of your hand.
Aliens vs. Predator 2
Here are some shots of some graphics problems I had with AVP2. I got past the problem when I replaced the computer!

Village Bank Newton Spam
I moved from Bank of America to the Village Bank in Newton. Bank of America was too big, far away, and faceless, but they never did spam me...
Uninstalling AOL 9.0
It's a quuuiiiccckkkkk and eeeeaaaaasssyyyyyyyyy guide to uninstall America Online 9.0 "Security Edition," just in case you tried it and didn't like it. But how could you not?
Plaxo, EVite, Online greeting cards
Please don't share my name, email address, phone number, mailing address, job title, birthday, or any other personal information with Plaxo, Eeeee-vite (owned by Ticketmaster,) any eeee-greeting card company. I wouldn't do it to my worst enemy, and I won't do it to you.
Letter to governor Mitt Romney
I just heard that you introduced legislation today to try to implement the death penalty here in Massachusetts, but only when the accused is "really guilty" or if the crime fits certain severity criteria. Please know that I am against the death penalty in all its forms.
Movie advertising
I've seen the following companies running advertising in movie theaters before the movies. I object to this...
Service charges
I tried hard to buy some tickets for Liz Phair at the Avalon in Boston, and ended up going to the Paradise, when I should have gone to the Orpheum. How do I avoid the service charge, convenience charge, and order fee?
Helping Mrs. Seko
I don't know - I tried to help Mrs. Seko and Billybon Parker, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Here's what they said...
Mavica floppy repair
I posted on the Mavica Information Exchange ( asking for advice on changing the floppy drive on my Sony Mavica FD7, but nobody had any advice to give, so I had to go it alone! Here's what I found...
Lexmark Z32
This printer seems really inferior to me, so I asked Lexmark if it should be recycled or what...
Helping Chung Li
I tried and tried to help Chung Li from the Hang Seng Bank, but apparently I wasn't able to do enough.



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